Sunday, October 31, 2010

Itty Bitty Quilt on Blogger's Quilt Festival

Do any of you like to go to quilt retreats? Do you like vintage quilts and fabrics? Do you need someone to come do a trunk show? If ya do, Read on!!!
Vintage baby quilt, made just 3 years ago! Sorry these pics got in here twice! Click on the pictures to see them up closer.

Howdy!! From the Farmer's Dotter!

Hey ya'all check out all the neat quilts and give aways atAmy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival
Bloggers Quilt Festival. Mine should be in there somewhere, I hope!

This is my 1st attempt at making and selling a pattern! I have called it Itty Bitty, after my 1st grandson, who we nick-named Itty Bitty before he was born. I LOVE vintage quilts and fabrics, so that is what I chose to make his 1st quilt out of. The photo below is the 1st one I made for him and is out of vintage prints.

This is the 3rd one! The 2nd one is at his house, gotta have that special blankie close at hand, right!

I have kits and patterns available for these in different styles: vintage boy or girl kits, or new fabric, boy or girl. For more info check out my blog on August 7th or you can contact me at

These next two pictures are close-ups of Kooper's 1st quilt out of vintage fabrics. I just LOVE the Scottie dogs and the children playing AND of course the Polka Dots too!! My dream job some day is to design fabrics! I have quite a stash of vintage fabrics, if anyone is interested! Also check out my website at!


  1. I love your subtle quilt design!
    - Muriƫl

  2. Very pretty! It looks so soft and snuggly too.

  3. This is really very pretty! I love the pattern with the whites! :)

  4. HI Brenda! I did get my copy of the pattern in the mail. I meant to leave you a note earlier, but too many things going on. Thanks again.

  5. Lovely Irish Chain! I just love vintage quilts!

    (BTW,I'm sharing a vintage look basket quilt for the festival.)

  6. Kudos, great use of the vintage fabrics to really achieve the vintage look. Love the novelty fabrics, especially the blue dogs.

  7. Very vintage and love the colors. Thanks for sharing and I am new to your lovely blog! Carolyn