Monday, October 25, 2010


This is the block that inspired the name of my business. I wanted the name of a quilt block and this one seemed to fit the best! I knew I couldn't get the regular spelling for a website, so that's why I spelled it the way I did, and it's been so fun with all the polka dots! I even have polka dots on my mailbox and all the sheets in the house have polka dots! Email me if you would like a copy of this pattern at

I would really like to get my quilts put on the sidebar on a "quilt tour", so I'm going to try and organize them 1st in a blog. If anyone knows how to put home tours on your sidebar, let me know! I'll start out 1st with my Farmer's Dotter quilt and pattern. This is my grandson Kooper enjoying it. Most of the prints are vintage, with the exception of a few added polka dots...had to get a few of those in there! The backing is made of 7 was just a little hard to use them, but for what better cause! It is hand-quilted by me, using a pattern I call the circle of love and life.This quilt is called Little Lacy, I believe. I found these blocks at an estate sale and finished them into this full sized quilt. I am in the process of changing it a little bit and making it baby size. I am planning on calling mine Little Lindsay, after my dotter! I am just trying to get started designing quilts from antique patterns, if anyone has any suggestions or needs a designer, let me know. That's one of my dream jobs! This quilt is a bluebell quilt. I reproduced it from one that a good friend of mine, Diane Ware, owns. All of the prints are vintage. Not too many polka dots in this quilt, as I made it before I started the Farmer's Dotter. These next 3 pictures are of my 1st pattern that I've called Itty Bitty. I decided to make this my 1st pattern, since I made it for my 1st itty bitty grandchild! The 1st picture is a new (not vintage), girl's kit and quilt top made from it.

This is a picture of Kooper's 1st baby quilt made with totally vintage prints I also have kits for these, but I had to add about 3-5 reproduction cutsy fabrics, because I don't have an abundance of them in my stash. That's the pattern laying on this quilt. The instructions are for strip sewing, and I could give a class on this, if anyone's interested. This is a picture of Kooper, just waking up from a nap, he loves his blankie! Bride's bouquet that I remade for my dotter Lindsay for a late wedding present. She actually wanted a wool comforter instead of a quilt, so that's what I made 1st. An applique flower quilt made from all scrap vintage prints. This is probably one of my favorites. It's hand-quilted too. Most all of my vintage fabric quilts are hand-quilted. This my collection of quilts that were spread out on our front lawn for my dotter's wedding. I Do Love Quilts!

I will keep adding quilt picture's, so keep checking in!


  1. wow, did I enjoy all the quilts! I love your play on words Dot-ter! I took a tour of all your room and everything is so lovely. I wish I didn't live so far away! Itty bitty is just great and I could go on and on!

  2. I have the Farmers Daughter quilt that came from my mother's side of the family. It was the quilt on my bed when I was really little...and when she died when I was 10, it was put in a cedar chest and left to linger. Then I went through the cedar chest when I was about 20 and found it. It is now worn and the edges are raveling so I keep in folded in white cotton cloth that I washed a number of time in mild soap before using it as the quilt's shroud. I take it out every so often and pet it and remember my mother. Finally in my old age, I realized I could make a mini quilt by scaling down the pattern and having it on display all the time. My next project.

    Thanks for all the great tips and luscious images