Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trunk show in Stewartsville!

Today I'm going to the Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO to do a small trunk show. Should be fun, stop in and see me if ya get a chance! They have lots and lots of selection there. Their shop was a top 10 quilt shop back in 2008 AND it's the home of Tula Pink, the famous fabric designer and her Mom! Many thanks to them for letting me do a little show for the bus tour ladies that are coming through this weekend.
I also hope to make it to the quilt show in Lawrence, KS that's going on today and tomorrow. More news about both adventures later!

Friday, April 15, 2011

(April Showers Bring) Mae Flowers!

I just finished up a couple new quilt patterns for sale. This one is called Mae flowers after my mother-in-law, Glenna Mae Weed, and a few other Mae loved ones. Just in time for May day!

Antique springtime quilt

I love to use antiques to decorate with and this is one of my favorite spring-looking quilts that I have in my living room right now. I can't remember the name of the block right now, does anyone else know?

Spring is here!

I'm back at it, got a new computer and just getting caught up now. I took this picture about a week and a half ago. The daffodils have done great this year. I love flowers just about as much, or more, than quilting, can you tell?

We are having quite the showers here today, but April showers bring May flowers! I will show you my new pattern called Mae flowers in another post.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Computer on the blitz!

My computer is not working at home right now, so may be awhile before I get to do much blogging. Hope to get it up and going soon! Talk to ya later! Enjoy the wonderful spring weather!