Friday, October 8, 2010

What a beautiful fall day....Come enjoy!

Wow, what a beautiful fall day and evening! I just went outside and snapped a few picture as the sun was setting. This week has been homecoming week in Bedford, what a wonderful day for a parade and football game!

This is one of my recycled ideas...I had plenty of old wooden ironing boards, so I decided to make this one into a bench! Good place to take a break from sewing!

This picture is just outside the sewing room. Wish someone was here to share it with me tonight, I'm a harvest widow right now as my hubby helps the neighbor getting his crops in. I still have room this fall for retreaters, just give me a call or email! I am thinking of having a day class a time or two this fall, so let me know if you're interested in that. I could either teach a class or you could just work on your own projects.

The impatience were exceptionally beautiful this year. (Click on the picture to get a bigger image)

This is the view to the north of our house...the corn should be ready to harvest soon, but they need to get all the beans picked 1st.
Going to the AQS show again tomorrow and also to the covered bridge festival and quilt show in Winterset. Hope to see some of ya there!! Please tap me on the shoulder and say Howdy!

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