Monday, October 25, 2010


This is our home in Southwest Iowa where we have opened up a Girlfriends/Quilting retreat! We are located 2.5 miles west of Bedford, on Highway 2. Please come be my guests! When you see the polka dots on the mailbox, you know you're at the right place! The main sewing room is located on the lower level. These ladies were my 2nd group of the year, from Beatrice, Nebraska. Notice the gray design walls in the background. They were putting them to good use that weekend with all kinds of beautiful projects.

Two of the bedrooms are upstairs with 7 twin sized beds total. Each bed has different colored polka dot sheets and a vintage quilt! The "ladies" tell me the beds and pillows are SO comfortable! I think part of it is being with friends AND getting your own bed!!

Another one of my recycled projects. I call it an ironing station, it is 2' x 8' and is great for pressing quilt tops. The bottom is an old baby bed that my mom and dad had stored for years in their closet and now I'm putting it to good use! It's also great for storing my unfinished tops in!

The picket fence room. This is also recycled from my parents old fence. I needed two more headboards, so this worked great and got a few more things out of my husbands shed(with a little bit of grumbling)!!!

Grandson, Kooper using one of the two and a half baths available to guests.
The dining room table and old kitchen cupboard are one of the many heirlooms from my husbands side of the family. This particular evening Kooper and Tara were helping me serve ham balls, hash brown casserole, hot rolls, home-grown corn, Ramen noodle coleslaw and layered jello cake with strawberries and cool-whip on top. I plan on starting a comfort food blog/tour sometime in the near future to let ya know what I serve here at the Farmer's Dotter. Also, will have a Tour for different seasons...this picture was at Valentine's. The table runner I made out of an old quilt top.
Keep checking back, as I will add new pictures every once in awhile.

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