Saturday, June 9, 2012

All Iowa Shop Hop

Click on the link above to get to the website of the All Iowa Shop Hop.  I've had a few people stop by while they're out shop hopping and would love to have more!  I'm open 9 to 6 today and next week, Monday thru Thursday, and tomorrow 1 to 4 if you want to come take a look.  I've got my patterns and quilts displayed inside...just too hot and windy to have them outside most days. 
 The bouquet above is peonies I picked about 3 weeks ago and brought them out this last Tuesday for quilt club.  Also snapdragons and larkspur.
Above are some blocks that came out of the middle of a comforter that was in tatters, so I took it apart and in the middle was another tattered quilt!  I salvaged these blocks and I'm thinking of making them into wall hangings or pillows.  Any suggestions?  I think the fabrics are really old, I sent an email to a friend who knows a lot about civil war quilts and I'm hoping to learn more from her.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thanks Kimber!

Thanks to Kimber at Heirlooms by Ashton House for writing up such a nice review for me!
Click on this: heirloomsbyashtonhouse.blogspot. to see her write up on my retreat and the All Iowa Shop Hop.  She is so nice to me and always has a great story on her blog!  Please go check it out! 
Here are a few pictures of my set-up for the All Iowa Shop Hop.