Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun! Just had a group for the day, today. This is the Fletcher family from Bedford, they didn't have to come far! The Dad, Mike, was trying to exit the picture as I was taking it! He joined us for lunch, so he could see his girls for a little while.

I have a special on my website for the locals that don't want to come and spend the night. Let me know if ya want to have a fall or holiday party here. I love to use all my vintage things for holiday decorating and entertaining!BROWN and ORANGE DISHES!! Love to use these for serving in the fall! Today's menu was chili and cheese soup, chips and homemade salsa & spinach dip, homemade whole wheat bread, cheese and crackers, pickles, apples and dip, pumpkin bars and apple fruit pizza. Also had warm monster cookies when they arrived.

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