Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

This is one of my favorite sayings that I have out at Thanksgiving time, but it's great for all times! It reads:
Something to do is a wonderful thing.
Keep up your stride. Stay in the ring.
Labor is blessing. A bright one and true.
Be thankful, be happy, for
Something to Do!

Quilting is my "something to do" and I love it! Hope you-all have had a great Thanksgiving! We are in between two feasts right now. Been trying to be good and not get overstuffed!

This is a little shelf that I change seasonally. The antique flower garden block works great for an extra doily! I'll probably be changing all the turkey stuff for Christmas this weekend. It's usually a mess for a few days! Our corn is out of the field now! This was the last pass thru the field. We are thankful that the harvest is almost done. I am kind of a "harvest widow" while my hubby helps the neighbor get his crops in. He really enjoys helping and a lot of the time is out til about 9 at night. They should be done by the end of the week!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Sheriff in town!!!

This picture was taken before the election. Kooper was dressed up for Halloween.

Sorry I haven't posted for a while! It's been a little crazy around here! Of course, I had to help a little with the campaigning for my son, Josh. He is now officially the new sheriff in Taylor County and my husband, Lonnie is now officially retired! Wow, it's hard to believe, but life goes on! The election was a week ago Tuesday, late night finding out the results, then Josh's birthday was Thursday, with Momma fixing supper. Took care of Kooper while Josh and Tara went to football game on Friday night. Went to K.C. Saturday and Sunday to see Linds and go to a quilt show and antiquing. Monday afternoon was slow in the beauty shop, so decided to make another trip to K.C. to try and promote the Farmer's Dotter. I went to 3 different guild meetings and 5 different quilt shops! Hope it helps! Please call and make reservations! Come for just a day or stay for 2 or 3 days!