Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another T-shirt quilt

Here's another T-shirt quilt that I just finished....I am now making them for hire...thanks Pam for being my 1st customer!  I am also thinking about having day classes to make your own if anyone would like to do that, give me a call.  By the way, my hubby helped me a little with this too!  Thanks Dear!
 Below is a picture of the was a good place to put another 10 shirts and the larger shirts that wouldn't fit on the front.

Happy Birthday!

I had these 4 Beck sisters this weekend for a birthday celebration on Saturday night.  They all had fun and I really enjoyed serving them and getting to know them.  They were considering making a memory quilt out of their mother's clothes and I showed them many ideas that I have on Pinterest on my :::T-Shirt and Memory Quilts:: board.
Below is a little pink lemonade cake that I made for Peggy's birthday.