Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm such a Lucky Girl!

I'm such a lucky girl! Well, middle aged, I guess, but who's counting! Yesterday morning I went to the quilt show in Winterset and the Covered Bridge Festival. They were both lots of fun and we saw all kinds of beautiful quilts and things. AND the weather was beautiful! Then I came home and started cleaning and cooking for my next ladies, tomorrow. I wanted some fresh apples, so we went just a couple miles over to this orchard. This is Johnny Appleseed (Steven Wainwright) and my grandson, Kooper. It's a great family outing and I hope to make it a yearly tradition. Call or email me for more details. The apples are delicious and I'll be serving some of them with homemade dip and lots of other fall goodies tomorrow! Hope to show pictures later. This picture is a mock set-up for my next trunk show in Topeka on Tuesday and Thursday, in Clarinda. I have lots of goodies to show. You can't really see too much of them, but in the background of this picture are some of my feedsacks. I have quite a collection of them, if anyone is interested in a trunk show on feedsacks or if you just want to come to a retreat and see them and all of my other "stuff"! I am such a lucky girl! Most of the time anyway!

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  1. What a little cutie Kooper is!! You are a lucky girl! Your mock set up really looks wonderful and I wish I could be there to see it all live!! Have a wonderful weekend!