Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Fun Fall Weekend Getaways!

It's such a beautiful time of year to be out and about! This pumpkin farm is just about 3-4 miles from our place. We also have an apple orchard that close.

I love to have company AND I'm a harvest widow right now, so if any of these weekend getaways appeal to you, let me know. You could come stay here and I could take a van load to all the fun things if you like or drive yourself! Bed and breakfast rates would be $75 for the 1st 2 people and $15 per person after that. You could come back and sew after the events, if you like. Stay 1, 2 or 3 nights.
A few of my fall decorations.

This weekend, October 7 & 8 there's a quilt show and the Covered Bridge Festival in Winterset. I would love to go to both, but I really should stay home and get the house ready and start fixing food for my next group on Monday. You might be able to twist my arm though, I've been trying to get my cleaning done!

October 15th there is the annual Craft Carnival in Clarinda, Iowa, and as an added bonus, there is also a quilt show by the local guild. Should be a fun-filled day with about 4 or 5 buildings of crafts, and the quilt show is in a local church.

October 22nd there's a Triple Play Day at Exira, Elk Horn and Harlan quilt shops. This could be a mini-van shop hop that I've been wanting to take some of my ladies to...wouldn't that be fun?!!

If anyone is interested in any of these fun fall getaways, just let me know! If you have any questions about the events, give me a call at 712-523-3508 or email me at


  1. Those all sound like fun events! The covered bridges near Winterset are wonderful. (I did a post a while back.)

  2. PS- I would like to order your Dotters Puzzle quilt pattern. Let me know what I need to do. (Do you have an online store or etsy or something? I'd love to see the vintage fabrics and pincushions etc you had for sale in your booth.)