Friday, July 29, 2011

Simple summer lunch and a tip for putting on borders.

This is one of my simple summer lunches, amongst the sewing mess! I have been retreating myself and sometimes take my lunch down to the sewing room. I know I shouldn't be eating around the fabrics, but it so nice and cool down there this time of year! Do any of you eat off these little snack trays? I just think they are fun and a great size for a lighter meal. I usually use these trays at my retreats for breakfast and lunch. I also enjoy drinking out of the swanky swigs, which I have an abundance of and love to serve the guests cool drinks in the summertime.

I have just started getting fresh tomatoes and will soon have sweet corn, if the coons don't get it 1st! The guys have put a 3 wire electric fence around it, so hopefully they won't get thru that!

Here is another Dotter's puzzle made with mostly vintage fabrics. I say mostly vintage, because I just don't have enough cutsie fabrics in my stash to do all the kits, so a couple of the prints are reproductions. I'll have to show some up close pictures in another post. My tip for putting borders on is to put your quilt on a design wall and instead of measuring the middle, I just put the 2 side borders pinned at the top and cut the 2 strips off at the bottom. I usually allow about 1/8 inch extra. Sometimes I do measure also.

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