Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bed and Breakfast guests

This weekend I have bed and breakfast guests who are family of the late Helen Timberlake, who used to live about 3 miles from here. It's been fun to have some kids come and stay. As they came in the front door, there was a tree frog on the window that they got to see and then a little later, here came this big yellow moth with brown polka dots! Gotta love those dots....they're even in nature...leave it to me to notice that! This is a little closer picture of the moth. Does anyone know anything about these? This morning it was down on the sewing room window. A couple weeks ago I saw one that was pink with some dots, but I didn't get a picture of it. It's so fun to enjoy the outdoors... we got a little relief from our heat yesterday. We got about 1" and 60 hundredths. Very, very welcome. Should be a good crop this year, if things continue as they are. This is a little bit of my bluebird collection.. Seems like there's lots of people who like bluebirds in the blogging world! I have a special story about bluebirds that I may share with you someday!

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  1. That moth really is perfect for your polkadotty blog!! :-) I am one of those people who loves bluebirds too!!