Thursday, July 14, 2011

New pattern called Dotter's Puzzle

I've been working on a new pattern that I'm calling Dotter's Puzzle. It has been so much fun! I just love it when a plan comes together! After deciding to name it this, I realized that making a quilt IS like putting a puzzle together, huh! The picture below is the twin/full sized quilt top that I just finished, on one of the retreat beds with red polka dot sheets. I just love the dots and try to put a few in every quilt now! A lot of old quilts had polka dots, you know. I'll show more of those in a later post. Anyway, I found this pink antique quilt (below) at an antique store out in Colorado last winter and bought it with the intentions of reproducing it and, wallah, here it is! I love to redesign old quilt patterns, using new methods. So I guess you could call me a re-designer, not a designer! I have also reduced it in size and made it into baby quilts. Will show those in a later post. I have been busy getting kits made up for both the larger and baby sized quilts. Can't wait to show you the baby ones, they are SO sweet!

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  1. Love your Dotters Puzzle block! The vintage quilt you found is lovely too!