Thursday, November 3, 2011

Updates and a finish

Update on our niece: she has been moved to Immanuel hospital in north Omaha, Nebraska, for rehab. Physically, she is getting along pretty good..she had a concussion from a bad gash on her head that required 5 staples and was in intensive care for a day and a half, but otherwise she has very few injuries. She's very sore all over and wants to sleep most of the time. She seems to know everyone, but her memory is very foggy, so they hope to help with that. I'm also hoping they give her therapy to deal with the loss of her 3 friends. That will be as hard for her as anything. Thanks to all of you for your concern and prayers. It's been a rough few days.

Update on the "boys": Kruz is 9 days old today, he has been jaundice and laying on a light at home most of the time, but had to go back in the hospital for a day and night. Kooper is a good big brother and lots of help to mom and dad. I think we get to watch him tomorrow night...Daddy wants to go to the football playoff game here at Bedford. Go Dawgs! Football is quite a tradition here! Picture below: Kooper as a scarecrow...I helped Tara make the hats. She does a great job with costumes. Kruz is a little football player.I finished this lap-sized comforter today. It's made from wool and wool blends from my stash. I just pulled the backing around and machine stitched it to the front for the binding. This comforter is MINE! I plan on snuggling under it watching TV and using it on my side of the bed, since my hubby is not as cold blooded as me! The cold has begun here in Iowa, yesterdays high was about 40...burr!

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  1. Glad that your niece seems to be getting better. Yes, she will need someone to talk to about the death of her friends. It's good that she has a caring family as well. Your wool quilt will be nice and toasty warm this winter! The boys look adorable!