Friday, November 11, 2011

More Corduroy!

I am a cosmetologist part time and this is a picture of my shop...I am a lucky girl again.

#1 lucky: This antique barber chair and barber back-bar was my hubby's grandfather (Glen)and great grandfather (Ed) Lock's. When we moved to this home and I had more room, I was able to buy these from my hubby's grandpa. I love to collect almost anything old, so it's great to have such a piece of history as this.

#2 lucky today! One of my customers this morning came bearing me a wonderful gift....a couple boxes of fabrics!! Woohoo! Can't get much better than that. People are so good to me! Thanks Mel for the goodies! He loves to go to auctions. Below is the 1st box. Shamrocks for a lucky girl!

Next box of assorted squares and 4 patches...maybe 50's era? I need someone to come visit me and sort through my stash and get it organized in era's.

#3 lucky: MORE corduroy on 11-11-11. How cool is that! Sometimes things just happen for a reason , don't they?

I'd be willing to swap some of this corduroy with some of you if you'd me and we'll see what we can work out. There's about 2 yards of it.

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  1. Stopped by from Nifty's to enjoy your multiple corduroy quilts. Also enjoyed your other quilting projects. Happy quilting!
    best from Tunisia,

  2. Also stopped from Nifty's to enjoy corduroy quilts.
    Love your work.
    Greetings from Holland.
    Janny S.