Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring cleaning the garage

I'm showing you my dirty garage, hoping it will look better soon! I'm planning on repainting and redecorating the garage this spring to be all ready for the All Iowa Shop Hop.  Click here: to see the list of over 80 businesses joining in and over $5000 in prizes!
  My hubby has given up on me keeping my things in HIS garage and has taken most of his things to our shed. He's also working on a man-cave out in the shed (for sleeping) so he doesn't have to interrupt the quilting retreats. I'll let you know later how all of this is going! He has been very patient about the retreats, because he knows anything quilting makes me happy...he's such a good man, most of the time!

I'm planning on hanging a few quilts in the garage for the shop hop. There will be an outdoor quilt show if the weather is decent, but if it's not, I'll display quilts in the garage and all around the house. Of course, there's already quilts in almost all the rooms of the house!!!


  1. Oooh, I think I see a blue icecream bucket up there on the shelf! Your DH sounds like a very good natured fellow. Maybe you could build a secret passage of some sort, so he can sneak in and out even when you have quilt retreats going on. :-)

  2. Maybe its about time to clean the mess. I suggest to rearrange some of your stuff.