Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring to all of you! I just love this flower garden quilt...it was gifted to me through one of my beauty shop customers. What a wonderful gift! Mary (daughter of Nina Poore) was cleaning out and thought I could put this quilt to good use after seeing what I do with old quilts. I have quilts ALL over the house and just love any old quilts. This quilt is a little tattered around the edges, but it is so neat because whoever made it fussy cut a lot of the blocks. SWEET!! Thanks Mary for the wonderful gift!
The bottom picture is a collection of spring decorations that I've picked up over the years...mostly garage sales and auctions.
Happy spring to all of you...I hope you can come visit me sometime! I'm going to be on the All Iowa Quilt Shop Hop if any of you want to stop by then...the 1st 2 weeks in June. I'll tell ya more later. I will run a special to stay the night if you want!


  1. Happy Spring to you too, and I love that quilt! I had a flower garden quilt once, and stupidly sold it. I still haven't forgiven myself.....

  2. What a beautiful gift!! I love the cheerful colors! Happy spring to you too.

  3. Oh, what a beautiful quilt! I see your sweet Rummy cards that I have, too!! Cute way to display yours! xo Heather