Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All Iowa Shop Hop a month early

I feel like I've been around the world and back....not really, just around Iowa and back!  This was our 1st stop on our adventure. Above is Joyce Franklin, the owner of Quilts and Other Notions at Creston.  She has been a really busy lady getting the All Iowa Shop Hop organized.  She has a HUGE shop and inventory...so stop by there while you're out shop hopping!
 My good friend, Diane Ware went with me and this was our 1st stop on the shop hop (a month early).
Click here: All Iowa Shop Hop.com/for lots more info on the hop.
I still have beds at my retreat available for $25 a night, so give me a call to reserve  a twin sized bed with polka dot sheets!  I'll also be having an open house/garden/quilt show during the hop.  Should be fun!
More details on my trip later.

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  1. I wondered how you gals that participated in the shop hop got to enjoy the fun. You just do it a month early! Good for you! I'm sure it helps all of you to network and get to know each other.