Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 more samples of Dotter's Puzzle

2 more finishes! Woohoo! These are 2 more of the Dotter's Puzzle samples that I just finished yesterday. Binding is one of my least favorite jobs...the blue one is twin sized, but seemed more like queen moving it around on the machine! I bound the edges of it by machine to save time and hopefully, it will wear better. I will use it on one of the retreat beds upstairs. It is made out of newer fabrics. The pink one is made out of mostly vintage fabrics and is hand-quilted, thanks to my good friend, Diane Ware.
It has been such a beautiful day today to hang the quilts outside. I like to wash my quilts as soon as I get them done to give them that wrinkled look. I try to design my quilts to look like the old-fashioned quilts. Gotta love those antique quilts and hopefully after a few washings, mine will look that way too!


  1. Wow, your quilts turned out so nice. I love both!

  2. so pretty! I love to see quilts on a line and oh yes, I love the wrinkled and worn look of the old quilts. Good idea!

    I really love vintage chinelle spreads, too. I have 2 of those.

    Well, your bed and breakfast sounds wonderful! Hopefully I'll like to travel again some day! ♥