Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Little Lindsay pattern!

Howdy! Seems like it's been so long since I have blogged, that I need to tell ya'll hello! Been a little busy working on this new pattern, called Little Lindsay, after my dotter! It is another version of Sun-Bonnet Sue and I just LOVE it! Hope some of you do too! I have been hand quilting it and got it all done and laundered it and then decided it needs a little more quilting! Oh, well, not much more now. I sent the info to my publisher today, so hope to have the patterns ready soon! Email me at farmersdotter@frontiernet.net if you're interested! I'm also working on another applique flower pattern that I'm so excited about! Hope to have some pics soon to show ya!

These pictures were taken off my deck the other day. There seemed to be a front moving in and it was all dark in the distance, but the sun was still shining at our house. It was kind of neat! Today I looked out the back door and 5 deer were running for their lives! Deer season just opened last weekend so there's been a lot of activity! Actually, just behind the deer, I saw a coyote, but he didn't follow them into my timber. Guess he realized he was out-numbered!

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